New OMTh President - 2019

The New OMTh President has been elected: the new President is now Paolo Defant

instead of Carlo Stefenelli

 On 22nd March 2019 the OMTh (World Hydrothermal Organization) General Assembly was called by its President, Carlo Stefenelli, in Levico Terme (Trento, Italy) for the purpose of electing the new President for the years 2019-2022 after the resignation of Carlo Stefenelli, due to personal and professional reasons.

The outgoing President opened the session by assessing the current association conditions and after a long and detailed debate, the participants agreed the desirable development and growth lines for the OMTh activities, in order to involve a larger number of nations to revitalise the traditional therapeutic spa model in close symbiosis with the new spa wellness offer.

In addition, Vice-President Dr. Paolo Defant, former OMTh Vice-President and currently General Manager of the spa centre Terme di Levico, was elected as new OMTh President. He was appointed President by unanimous vote of the members up-to-date with the payment of membership fees. The new President accepted, emphasising the need to count on the aid and solidarity of all counsellors in order to meet all the objectives set.

The whole Managing Committee, previously elected during the Assembly in November 2019, has been reconfirmed but for a Vice-President, i.e. Dr. Defant, that has become the new OMTh President.









Dr. Paolo Defant – General Manager spa centre Terme di Levico   

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