Meeting: 21st and 22nd October 2016 in Levico Terme (Italy)

OMTh - World Hydrothermal Organization

Meeting: 21st and 22nd October 2016 in Levico Terme (Italy)


OMTh - World Hydrothermal Organization - was founded on 27th November 1977 in Chaudefontaine, Belgium by a number of international organizations with the mission to foster the development and the growth of the spa business including all its scientific, technical and economic-political aspects across all continents. Today OMTh is based in Levico Terme (Trentino, Italy).

Over the past few decades OMTh has been organizing - in cooperation with SITh (International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques) and its other affiliated associations - meetings, workshops, study days and specialist courses in the spa industry.

OMTh’s focuses on establishing solid cooperation relationships between countries all over the world in order to promote the growth of the spa industry in any aspect of science, organization and legislation.

Hereby we are very glad to inform you that we have decided to organize a meeting between 21st and 22nd October 2016 in Levico Terme (Italy). This meeting will be open to all the organizations and the spa facilities and spa centres operating worldwide in the spa industry.

The meeting will give us the possibility to discuss matters of effective interest for every spa facility, such as the latest generation of spa treatments and cutting-edge spa techniques.

The tentative programme includes following speeches:

-          The perspectives of the future spa offer;

-          Recent innovations in spa architecture and techniques;

-          Marketing issues;

-          Scientific research in the spa industry:

current situation and future prospects.

-          Cross-border spa healthcare in Europe

-          EU Intervention Programs for the spa industry:

means of implementing various operational projects

The speeches will be followed by an extensive discussion, open to all participants.

On this occasion the prize giving ceremony for the International Award for spa research MARCIAL CAMPOS - organized by OMTh and SITh - will be held.

Our invitation has been sent to all the relevant spa facilities, spa healthcare centres and spa organizations operating worldwide. We kindly ask you to reply, confirming us your interest and your availability to participate to this challenging initiative.

We will send you the definitive agenda of the meeting as soon as possible.

OMTh, World Organization of Thermalism and its current president Dr. Antonella Fioravanti, were among the protagonists of the seventh edition of the annual conference "Université du...
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