Levico Terme, 16th September 2015

Dear colleague,

the Managing Committee meeting of OMTh is convened on 23rd October at 9.30 am at the headquarters of OMTh in Levico Terme (Italy). The meeting will be held in the “Francesco Giuseppe Room” at Imperial Grand Hotel in Levico Terme (Italy). The meeting agenda will be as follows:

9.30 am Beginning of the meeting

Welcome address by Andres Campos - SITH President

9.40 am OMTh President Speech


10.15 am Giulio P. Zucca

The EU Directive 2011/24: an overview of the results from the impact assessment study.

10.45 am Paola Nardini

Current application of the EU Directive 2011/24 regarding spa and hydrothermal treatments by German Health Insurances.

11.15 am Foscara Porchia

- EU Intervention Programs for the spa industry

- Means of implementing various operational projects

12.00 am Carlo Stefenelli – Ferdinando Orlandi

Relationships with the Republic of Azerbaijan

12.15 am Jeff Wang (CHINA) – Pier Francesco Bernacchi

Current situation of the spa industry in China

12.50 am Break

01.00 pm Lunch

03.00 pm Fabio Lazzerini (Brazil)-Nestor Ficosecco (Argentina)-Lisbo Justo Serna

Betancourt (Colombia)

Initiatives and achievements of the ALATh (Thermal Association of Latin America) in Latin America

03.45 pm Iztok Altbauer

The spa industry in the Balkans - Development initiatives

04.15 pm Antonella Fioravanti

Scientific research in the spa industry: current situation and future prospects.

05.00 pm General Debate

06.00 pm Conclusions and Final Document

After each speech everyone can participate to the discussion about the single topic.

The conclusions and final remarks of the meeting will be presented on the press conference on 24th October 2015 at 10.30 a.m. in the Conference Hall “Sala Aurora” in the headquarters of the Provincial Council of the autonomous Province of Trento.

Considering the great relevance of our upcoming meeting, due to outline our commitments for next year, I am sure everyone will attend our meeting. Looking forward to welcome you all, I send you my warmest greetings.

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OMTh, World Organization of Thermalism and its current president Dr. Antonella Fioravanti, were among the protagonists of the seventh edition of the annual conference "Université du...
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