Board of Directors OMTh October 23, 2014

The first meeting of the newly-elected Managing Committee is called on 23rd October 2014, at 9.30 a.m. in our headquarters in Levico Terme (Italy).

The meeting will be held at Bellavista Imperial Grand Hotel in Levico Terme (Italy) and the meeting agenda will be as follows:


9.30  a.m.       Beginning of the Meeting

                        Welcome address by Andres Campos, SITH President

9.40  a.m.        OMTH President Speech




10.15 a.m.       Iles Braghetto, Member of the European Parliament (I)

                        Thermalism in Europe – UE Opportunities in the thermal sector


11.00 a.m.      Carlo Stefenelli (I) - Fernando Orlandi

                        Relations with Republic of Azerbaijan


11.30 a.m.      Jeff Wang (China) – Pier Francesco Bernacchi

                        Relations with China


12.45 a.m.      Break

1.00  p.m.      Lunch


3.00 p.m.         Fabio Lazzerini (Brazil) – Nestor Ficosecco (Argentina) – Lisbo Justo Serna

                        Betancourt   (Colombia)

                        Thermalism and OMTH presence in South America


3.45 p.m.       Mounir Jbilou (Morocco) -  Saida Bahaj (Morocco)

                   Thermalism in Morocco


4.15 p.m.       Antonella Fioravanti (I)

                   The Scientific Research, ISMH role


5.00 p.m.    General Debate

6.00 p.m.     Conclusions and final document.


After each speech everyone can participate to the discussion about the single topic.


The conclusions and final remarks of the meeting will be presented on the press conference on 24th October 2014 at 10.30 a.m. in the Conference Hall “Sala Aurora” in the headquarters of the Provincial Council of the autonomous Province of Trento.

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